Premiere: Silverlining Dubs Announces 7th Installment of Deep Body Music

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 04, 2018

Premiere: Silverlining Dubs Announces 7th Installment of Deep Body Music

Continuing their series of deep body music with the seventh installment, Silverlining Dubs has announced Silverlining Dubs (VII). The Silverlining Dubs series has been on the go since 2016, with its sixth installment having been released earlier this year. The series was created in response to the high prices Silverlining’s early releases were fetching on Discogs; Asad Rizvi, the man behind Silverlining, wished to make the music more accessible to ordinary vinyl buyers.

The Silverlining Dubs series has been a mixture of old tracks, re-edits, new tracks and tracks that only select groups of people would have heard. This release is no different, with the much sought after Silverlining classic “Invisible Ink” kicking things off. Typical of Silverlining’s style and modus operandi, ‘Invisible Ink’ defies the easy classification of genre labels with its heady mixture of dub, house and techno. Vocals and synths are spiraled into an echoed oblivion while the beat steadily marches on underneath.

‘Lessons In Jerboa’ comes next. A brand new track, it is decidedly more housey than ‘Invisible Ink’. With a rattling, percussive beat getting the track started, it is soon joined by deep, frenzied modular synths that twist and turn as the track goes on, never completing the same phrase twice. The re-edit comes next in the form of ‘The 99 Year Wait’. Previously featured on the Mirai compilation, ‘The 99 Year Wait’ is a spaced-out techno jam. Featuring a steady, rolling beat, various synths filter in on top, from rattling and reverbed stabs to softer, more ambient chords.

Closing off the EP is the kind of track every fan wants to hear. ‘Devotion’ was made by Silverlining for his friends’ wedding in 1996 and has a beautiful, personal touch to it. A warm, melodic ambient number, there are soft pads overlaid with twinkling keys and underpinned by a deep, gravity-giving bass. The track moves through different melodic stages but maintains its heavenly glow throughout.

Track List:

A1 – Invisible Ink
A2 – Lessons in Jerboa
AA1 – The 99 Year Wait
AA2 – Devotion


Silverlining Dubs (VII) is available for purchase HERE