Premiere: Silly Nova Remixes Awaken’s “The Feeling” for PUZL Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 19, 2018

Premiere: Silly Nova Remixes Awaken’s “The Feeling” for PUZL Records

Awaken released his debut EP with PUZL Records earlier this year, and it is now receiving a series of remixes including one from venerable Portuguese artist Xinobi (Anjunadeep, MoBlack, Nervous) and this one from Silly Nova we are premiering for you today.

Hailing from Paris, Silly Nova charges his remix with some serious club energy.

“‘The Feeling’, from my friend Awaken, is a great track with a strong identity, distinguishing itself with gliding and percussive tones. The purpose of my remix was to reinforce the club aspect of the original track, by a rework of the stab and the implementation of a more nervous bassline. This remix is an invitation to a journey through the wide range of human feelings as rage, sadness and peace. In other words, I wanted this remix to be a hymn to life determination.” – Silly Nova

The collection also features PUZL Records alumni Frank Serin and Pascal Pur putting their imaginative and expressive deep touches to their respective remixes. Rounding out the collection is a remix from label head himself, MR PUZL, who’s knack for truly re-imaging songs has become his signature.

The Awaken Remixes are out now and available for streaming and purchase here