Premiere: Secus “Dark Journey” – RITUALS

Secus "Dark Journey" RITUALS
Author : Max Spruill
March 09, 2023

Premiere: Secus “Dark Journey” – RITUALS

Secus has been involved in the techno scene for over a decade, first discovering underground techno in his hometown of Los Angeles. He co-founded the label Ascetic Limited led by Altrd Being and himself, together as Motionen, pushing deep techno sounds with artists from around the globe.

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Originally a drummer, he is strongly influenced by jazz and metal genre’s, translating their deep, driving, and technical elements into his own composition of techno. In 2018 he started releasing his solo work, releasing on labels such as Dynamic Reflection, Blank Code, Vexed Sphere, From 0-1 and more.

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In the start of 2023 he’s launching his new imprint, Rituals, which aims to showcase his own productions and collaborations with local artists.

Premiere: Secus “Dark Journey” – RITUALS

Connect with Secus: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram| Twitter | RA
Connect with RITUALS: SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Formaviva | Instagram