Premiere: Secession Records Delivers Debut V/A Release Featuring Nørbak, Keikari, Ryogo Yamamori and Volster

Secession Records
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 06, 2020

Premiere: Secession Records Delivers Debut V/A Release Featuring Nørbak, Keikari, Ryogo Yamamori and Volster

Secession Records imprint continues with the first in line and multifunctional V.A. release featuring talents Ryogo Yamamori, Keikari, Nørbak and label owner, Volster, himself.

Four track vinyl EP will also be accompanied with two digital bonus tracks.

Volster’s sonic frame has been forming for a few years now and Secession002 opener is a pure example of his ongoing production concept. Right of the bat, “Croatian Steel”‘s saturated kick and Volster’s signature back lead are delivering extensive weight but the main agenda is soon revealed when the lead synth starts to wrinkle, pan and bend in almost madness like way. This process never stops until the end and it feels pretty much like an alarm state that went out of control. Enjoy the exclusive premiere of this track below.

A bit smoother on the drums but in off-beat snares, Ryogo Yamamori’s “Winter” is a subbed rhythm dominated by the main laser-like shot that constantly burns through everything in its path. This one also has the properties of the never-ending process with a serious and dark effect on one’s experience. With every new round of ripping through, sin wave is morphing into next state leaving little place for background layers, although those layers are certainly there. Subbed bassline never stops while the snares keep hiding until the final part when they perfectly come into the spotlight to walk out the outro

Every release has that one track that just feels raw and rough. Well, Keikari’s “Isometric Projection” is Secession0 02’s bad boy. A mind-bender with insanely sharp edges and curves, this is a straight forward banger showered with intense white noise atmosphere and swung rhythmically. The main course is being served in reverbed wrapping and delayed style with an industrial fx background. A stomper that can easily absorb the floor and leave a few clothes unsoaked

If we didn’t know better, we would think “Aliunde” is a sleeping giant that descended from the highlands into clubs after his hibernation period. Such is the feel of Nørbak’s heavy feet back crunching track with the bleak snowy atmosphere. Reverberated kicks, compressed sweeps, and distorted low key dubbed sequences are moving this behemoth through stereo fields enriched with over decayed cymbals making it a blunt force of choice for every dark corner of the dancefloor

To put it simply, it’s a heavy pounding chain reaction that can’t stop. Nor it should for that matter

Secession Records V/A 01 is available via Bandcamp