Premiere: SEC NDº Head Honcho Keith Carnal Drops Third EP on Imprint

Keith Carnal
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 15, 2020

Premiere: SEC NDº Head Honcho Keith Carnal Drops Third EP on Imprint

SEC NDº head honcho Keith Carnal returns to his label, following a busy year releasing his debut album entitled ‘Retrofit’, as well as touring internationally and headlining at many major festivals alongside the likes of Planetary Assault Systems, Shifted, Amelie Lens and Function.

With previous releases on Arts, Affin and Afterlife, the Amsterdam-based producer and DJ now looks to continue building his discography whilst leaving an everlasting imprint on the wider techno scene.

Title cut ‘Frequent’ opens proceedings in full force, with shattered synths, Sci-Fi filtered bursts and powerful bass sequences, whilst ‘Less Frequent’ harnesses low-frequencies, hard-hitting hi-hats and soaring snares, unmasking a powerful and raw rhythm, before ‘Locomotive’ leads with deep chords that include bubbling hits and thunderous drums. To close, the lively ‘Lunar’ rounds out proceedings in style, as Keith Carnal works sharp, organic percussion licks alongside thumped keys and spiralling melodies, shaping an impressive offering from the techno tastemaker.

Listen to Keith Carnal’s Globel Vibe Radio mix HERE



  1. Frequent
  2. Less Frequent
  3. Locomotive
  4. Lunar

Keith Carnal ‘SEC003’ drops on SEC NDº on 17th April 2020

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