Premiere: Riot Recordings Release “Riot Rebels, Vol.9” V/A with Tracks from Moon Phases, Daniel Beknackt, Misstress Barbara and More

Riot Recordings are on a roll, following on from two original works from the label founder himself Frankyeffe, August comes to a close with the ninth edition of the Riot Rebels compilation series.

Moon Phases enters with the self-titled production, instantly throwing you into pounding kick drums and warehouse metallic reverberations. Trance like synths climb towards the atmosphere before an eerie lead line takes control, propped up with the tremendous power of kick, snare and hats. Daniel Beknackt follows, descending to acidic levels with ‘Resit’, a true representation of simplicity is key. Rolling percussion keeps you on your toes as the warped sounds of acidic synths kick rise and fall across the entire journey.

’Need Something’ by Some Me arrives with on a techier invite, pulled along by rattling hats and echoing claps the bellow synths gargle from start to finish. ‘Chain Reaktion’ is the first of two collaborative tracks from Resonances (IT) and Martino Pingi, upping the tempo to peak time levels, it features glitchy vocal snippets and liquid ride cymbals, combining with dancing melodic flurries in fine form.

‘Stardust’ closes as a more melodic piece, focussed around pitchy and warped loops that are sure to get inside your head in the early hours of the morning.



1) Moon Phases
2) Resist
3) Need Something
4) Chain Reaktion
5) Stardust
6) Stone
7) Choices
8) Fire and Desire

Riot Rebels, Vol. 9 is out on Riot Recordings and available on Beatport HERE