Premiere: Rick Bull and Noah Pred Combine For Second Concubine LP

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 08, 2018

Premiere: Rick Bull and Noah Pred Combine For Second Concubine LP

Rick Bull and Noah Pred follow up their acclaimed debut full-length and subsequent Kingfisher EP with an eleven-fold collection of cataclysmic dub, mutant techno, hypnotic ambient, and utopic electro.

Reunited in a Berlin studio this January, the pair addressed a tumultuous year in a precarious era through the lens of intricately honed rhythmic excursions and occasionally intoxicated synth lines. Exploring urgent themes of socio-ecologic collapse, technological potential, corruption of democracies, and the enduring generosity of the feminine, even in the face of crisis, 2018 is timely indeed.

Devotion to the moment with mindful abandon: if nothing else, the collaborative project from Noah Pred and Rick Bull, a.k.a. Deepchild, is dedicated to re-wilding the confines of current electronic music. With widespread critical acclaim for their self-released debut including a Juno Award nomination and live set at Panorama Bar, their follow-up over three years later is due out this November.

Track Listing:

Track Listing:
01 No Currency
02 Hail Eros
03 Subgenius
04 Priceless Neglect
05 Electoral Reform
06 Motion Sensor
07 Blind Seers
08 U.B.I.
09 Durstlöscher
10 Everything Cycles
11 Decenter

Photo by Mortlock Photography & Media

Concubine’s 2018 LP is scheduled for 15 November Release

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