Premiere: Reset Robots’ “Fdbk” EP Lands on Whisteblower Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 18, 2019

Premiere: Reset Robots’ “Fdbk” EP Lands on Whisteblower Records

Whistleblower is a label founded by three music producing friends; Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot plus Rhymos, and this techno-focused EP features five original track from Reset Robot.

This is Reset Robot’s sixth EP on the label he part owns and it follows his recent release on Hotflush run by Scuba, which was in the same techno style as this new release on Whistleblower.

Reset Robot has worked with many other labels such as Last Night On Earth, Mobilee, Ovum, We Are The Brave, Drumcode, and Truesoul. He also boasts collaborations with the likes of Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, and Christian Smith.

Many who are familiar with Reset Robot’s style of stripped back deep techno with warm synths will also know of his eclectic variants ranging from melodic tech house to thumping techno. This particular release showcases the harder side of his style with heavy percussion and dark atmosphere.

Kick-starting things “Fdbk” is all about the building tension of the lead synth that picks up momentum like an ominous tidal wave sweeping ever closer to the shore. With metallic bursts adding to the drama of its dark atmosphere, this exquisite cut of techno is both stylish and understated.

“4 Piece” switches focus to the low-end frequencies with a throbbing bassline full of menacing intent. The hypnotic melody that accompanies it has an agitated sense of urgency and adds to the enthralling mood of this monstrous track, which stalks the dance floor like a hungry predator looking for new prey.

The rolling groove of “FX Clave” is made more ferocious by the fast flowing rhythms of the mechanical drums, which provides a framework for the atmospheric synth textures that spring from between the bars, making up a percussive frame amidst the haunting melody pad.

“Is That A Big Word?” brings out the acid, that twists and morphs underneath the clatter of mechanical hi-hats, and the lead synth loops like a warning siren of imminent danger… perhaps of the killer bass drops that this track has hidden behind every twist and turn.

Closing off the EP are the pitched tom drums and bells of “Vicki” which along with atmospheric tribal screams has a digitalized female vocal with sensual tones. Eerie with a haunting sense of suspense, this track could raise the dead with its high-velocity sound.

Fdbk by Reset Robot is out Feb 22nd on Whistleblower Records and available on Beatport

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