Premiere: Random Sequence Joins Devotion Records With Three Original Techno Cuts

Random Sequence
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 19, 2020

Premiere: Random Sequence Joins Devotion Records With Three Original Techno Cuts

Polish young gem, Random Sequence, joins Devotion Records and hits the nail right on the head with the pummeling force of Assonance EP.

3 original techno cuts surgically engineered for a maximum impact and complete devastation, accompanied by an intelligent rework from the renowned wonder-boy, Concept Of Thrill.

All tracks have a different path but serve the same purpose – TECHNO!

About Random Sequence

Mikołaj Topolski also known as Random Sequence is a Gdańsk based producer and DJ. His tracks and DJ sets consist of a large dose of techno and a pinch of ambient music. Some of his in sequences come from his connection with different musical styles he has been into since his early years.

You can find some of his solo musical works in labels such as Unknown Timeline, Vapourtrail or Gain Records. And some of his tracks, in collaboration with Marboc, in labels such as DRVMS LTD. or Frequenza Records.

Random Sequence is a member of one of the main Gdańsk Techno collectives, called “Nocturn”.

More About Devotion Records

Devotion Records is a Barcelona-based techno label founded in 2015 by Lucas Freire and Fernanda Martins.

Betting on the freshness brought to the scene by new talent, combined with the major quality brought by already high-established artists of the industry, Devotion Records has become a solid and renowned platform for the promotion and spreading of techno music.

The label counts on huge support from professionals and, of course, from techno lovers from all over the world. Proof of it is that, nowadays, it is common to find Devotion’s tracks in sets and/or charts of the industry’s leading artists from many countries.

On Devotion Records you can find dynamic, authentic, quality Techno. True dance floor burners carefully
selected by industry professionals who know very well what this scene demands in terms of quality, and, who build up the label’s concept based on their love and devotion to this style.

Devotion Records artist roster includes names like Ken Ishii, Takaaki Itho, Radial, Steve Stoll, A.Mochi,
Hd Substance, A.Paul, Steve RedHead, S-File, Michel Lauriola, Juan Trujillo, Sama, Giacomo Renzi, the
label owners themselves Lucas Freire and Fernanda Martins, as well as many other talented artists.

Track Listing:

  1. Afterlife (Original Mix)
  2. Assonance (Original Mix)
  3. Tone 2 (Original Mix)
  4. Assonance (Concept Of Thrill Remix)

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