Premiere: Politics Of Dancing Contributes Track to Latest Signatune “Various Artist” EP

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 26, 2018

Premiere: Politics Of Dancing Contributes Track to Latest Signatune “Various Artist” EP

This latest release from Signatune brings together four big names from the Parisian house scene; Djebali, Politics of Dancing, Okain and Reda Dare, one of Signatune’s founders. A celebration of the local scene, Signatune has put out this EP to reflect on their own routes in Parisian house scene and to celebrate the sub-genre. With Reda Dare being from Paris and having spent the first ten years of his career there, this release is of particular importance to him.

Getting us started off is “Into The Depth” by Djebali. ‘Into The Depth’ walks a line near apparent minimalism without coming even vaguely near to the potential boredom that comes with it. Made up of few parts, the track rarely strays beyond the bounds of the drum machine, slinky bass line and the softly droning synth. “Into The Depth” keeps it simple but also keeps it constantly pushing ahead, getting your whole body moving.

Politics of Dancing’s “Lisa” moves into completely different sonic territory. Coming out the gate with a classic, sharp house beat, the track kicks into peak Euro-90s when the bassline lands. A smattering of vocal samples complete the sound of the excellent throwback track.

Okain’s “Delair” has a polar opposite texture, with the beat and music having a decidedly modern and digital sound. The track builds and builds with quirky, ricocheting synths and some found sound samples. As “Delair” keeps developing, it will start to move you in ways that you didn’t know were possible.

Reda Dare then delivers his own vision of the sub-genre on “La Bien Aime”. With a cleverly syncopated drum machine providing the framework, Reda Dare fills the space with a deep, lowdown bassline, distant synths and the occasional break of filtered guitar and vocals. “La Bien Aime” could work at any time of the day or night but one thing is certain; it will get you dancing