Premiere: Phase Objekt “Easel” – De-Konstrukt

Author : Mark Grossane
November 09, 2022

Premiere: Phase Objekt “Easel” – De-Konstrukt

Phase Objekt releases a new track entitled “Easel” on De-Konstrukt.

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Easel was inspired due to the direction we envision for future Phase Objekt’s projects. Where the music consists of modular recordings of dark and melodic synths, coupled with grungy and distorted drums off boxes like the Elektron Rytm, while incorporating a driving and aggressive appeal.

While Easel focuses on tailored bleeps and bloops developed from euro rack modules like the Buchla Easel, other productions will consist of atmospheric and drone-like qualities, appealing to the ‘space techno’ palate. We hope you enjoy our evolving journey of sound.

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