Premiere: Oscean “Invisible Rays” – Tresor

Author : Mark Grossane
October 06, 2022

Premiere: Oscean “Invisible Rays” – Tresor

Oscean comes out firing from the outset on their new 12” entitled Multirays.

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 The Argentinian duo of Andrés Zacco and Sebastián Galante are following up on the first release of their collaboration, Ideoma, also released on Tresor Records. With “Multirays”, this burgeoning collaboration reveals a promising evolution, moving into more rhythmically diverse environments and playful structures.

The opening track, “Multidimensional”, strikes with confronting beats and a searching, woolly bass sound. Constantly growing, it moves confidently with its skittering percussion work, ebbing and flowing through filter movements and expansive synths. “Invisible Rays” draws in breathing techno pulses, as “Zacco” and “Galante” cast drenches of feedback across the spectrum. A deceptively mellow melody, recalling Spiral from their debut EP, teases at a deeper melodic progression, but the focus stays locked on the animated rhythms, tempting towards divergent grooves but expertly keeping feet on the floor.

Listen Now: Oscean “Multirays” – Tresor

In “Drivion”, Oscean investigates electro territories, simultaneously bubbling and driving. Echoed arpeggiations and upfront beats funnel impulses between neurons. Broad synth gestures offer gateways into abstraction before, without barely a hint, the rhythms beat once more. On the closing track, “Horisonsz”, the duo drive forth through skipping rhythms and soul-searching bass murmurs. Synth pads beckon with fresnel lens reflections and rising warmth, motioning towards a stunning moment of euphoria, where futurist mirages coexist with distant memories.

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