Premiere: Onur Ozman Delivers Three Original Cuts on Yoshitoshi with “Conflicting Stories” EP

Onur Ozman
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 05, 2020

Premiere: Onur Ozman Delivers Three Original Cuts on Yoshitoshi with “Conflicting Stories” EP

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the name Onur Ozman.

The Turkish producer who now calls Switzerland home has been serving up deep, complex techno for years, with fantastic EP’s on labels like 303Lovers, Noir Music, Sincopat, and now Yoshitoshi. Compared to the many “business” techno producers of today, it would be impossible to call Onur’s sound formulaic. He incorporates complex, unique sound design that draws from acid, Detroit, and other styles to create something that is singularly his own.

Conflicting Stories, his first outing for Yoshitoshi, features three sharp originals that demonstrate Onur’s intense approach to creating quality dance music. The title track, which we are premiering today, combines a plethora of melodic elements which complement each other beautifully, and not in the fanciful, arpeggiated way you hear everywhere today. The track has more in common with classic techno than anything else and has a clear connection to the Yoshi records of the late 90’s.

Inside vs Outside sounds like a more contemporary melodic techno track, yet remains very deep and mysterious, making it a great one for the after party. Then we move on to Planet O, a hard-driving acid techno belter that proves Onur can bang it out. The three tracks together create a diverse spread of sound that will surely have something for everyone. It’s a stellar Yoshitoshi debut and we couldn’t be happier to welcome Onur to the label.

Onur Ozman’s Conflicting Stories is out February 7th and available HERE

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