Premiere: OMEN Recordings’ Eight Outing Features Newcomer Darkcloud and Remixes from AXKAN and Paul Birken

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 26, 2019

Premiere: OMEN Recordings’ Eight Outing Features Newcomer Darkcloud and Remixes from AXKAN and Paul Birken

OMEN Recordings has no limits when it comes to releasing techno music. The label is showcasing their 8th EP, featuring a new artist, Darkcloud, a mysterious producer who brings four massive tracks for this no-holds-bar Industrial Techno EP. Also featured on the Nacreous EP are remixes by Minneapolis artist Paul Birken, and AXKAN from Los Angeles.

Nacreous (Original) – begins with a distorted and filtered drum that gives anyone goosebumps. When the low end hits you, with its 4X4 pounding pattern and slashing hi-hats, it is the signal for the dancefloor to go crazy.

The Minds Eye (Original) – delivers alien and creepy-FM radio like textures to this massive banger. Steady and rolling hats with sweeping synth melodies accompanied with big room kicks make this track a perfect fit for your set.

Falsehood Rhetoric (Original) – does its job of taking you to a dark place with metallic machines layered with cries and drills. Rising build-ups and punchy drums give life to this track. Nacreous (Raw Edit) is an aggressive twist of the main track with added saturated drums and ruthless noises.

The Minds Eye (Paul Birken Remix) – keeps the original alien sounds, but Paul brings his classic hardware-based production technique with a perfect interpretation and huge bottom end. This high energy track was recorded in one-shot without DAW and it’s a piece that will keep the dancefloor moving.

Nacreous (Axkan Remix) – is a break-beat rendition with heavy, chugging kicks and haunting melody sweeps that lure you in. Halfway through the track, the added hats and machine-like sounds really take it to the next level.

Track Listing:

1. Darkcloud – Nacreous
2. Darkcloud – The Minds Eye
3. Darkcloud – Falsehood Rhetoric
4. Darkcloud – Nacreous (Raw Edit)
5. Darkcloud – The Minds Eye (Paul Birken Remix)
6. Darkcloud – Nacreous (AXKAN Remix)

Release date: August 30, 2019
All original songs written and produced by Darkcloud
Mastered by Tim Vitek
Artwork by Mark Angel

Darkcloud’s Nacreous EP (with Paul Birken & AXKAN Remixes is out OMEN Recordings and available here

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