Premiere: MindTrip Welcomes Ukraine’s James Bong for “Konduktor” EP

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 18, 2019

Premiere: MindTrip Welcomes Ukraine’s James Bong for “Konduktor” EP

MindTrip welcomes Ukrainian techno artist James Bong on its platform. James introduced himself to the label with his track called ‘13’, featured on Mutable Minds III Compilation. Now, he takes a step further with his Konduktor EP.

The release kicks in with “Hose”, an atmospheric track with modular flow, to continue with “Triple”, a driving techno tune with a break that creates anticipation on the dancefloor. Next comes “Konduktor”, a heavy techno monster with powerful and jackhammering kicks led by hypnotic synth lines. The record closes with “Duffer”, a slightly different no-nonsense techno track with broken beat rhythms and a very well constructed sequence.

MT22 perfectly showcases James’ sound and his great talent to deliver high-quality electronic music.


01 – Hose
02 – Triple
03 – Konduktor
04 – Duffer

James Bong’s Konduktor EP is available now via MindTrip’s Bandcamp page

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