Premiere: Master of Rave Ceremonies Olivier Abbeloos of T99 Lands on Pls.UK

Active since the early 1990s, the Master of Rave Ceremonies Olivier Abbeloos of T99, lands on Pls.UK with a rave oriented 4-track EP.

The man behind the timeless tune ‘Anasthasia’, comes back! First in the ceremony, ‘Deliver’ fuses rich synths and melancholic pads with the producers’ signature fast-paced drums, leaving no rest for the wicked. The darker tone of the second track ‘Twisted Driver’ sets the tone into full energy.

Next up, the track we are premiering today, and the title-track of the EP, combines a heavy-hitting rhythm with an ever-escalating bassline that peaks into an acid mood. Perfect tune to end a set ‘The Sleeper Must Awake’ brings the vibe directly to the 90s era and closes the EP with high energy and nostalgia.


Olivier Abbeloos’ Torture EP is available via Pls.UK’s Bandcamp Page

Connect with Olivier Abbeloos: Facebook | SoundCloud
Connect with Pls.UK: Facebook | SoundCloud