Premiere: MANIK Brings Deep House Vibes to Vibe Me To The Moon Records With Dalmatians EP

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 13, 2018

Premiere: MANIK Brings Deep House Vibes to Vibe Me To The Moon Records With Dalmatians EP

After releasing his latest critically-acclaimed album on Josh Wink’s OVUM imprint last fall, New Yorker turned San Diegoan MANIK appeared on Vibe Me To The Moon’s debut release, turning in a killer acid house remix of The Energy of The Room, from label boss Nightsteppaz in collaboration with house legend, Roland Clark.

Like a true New Yorker, he continued on the grind shortly after his album hit the stores. He returned to the studio to work on the SH-101 Dalmatians EP. a three-tracker that serves as his debut artist EP on Vibe Me To The Moon Records. In true MANIK fashion, he delivered the goods in 100% raw and pure form.

The title cut is an ode of sorts to the notorious Roland synth that it was largely produced on. Cutely titled by way of word-play, SH-101 Dalmatians is far more reminiscent of a gang of pitbulls in its character. No cute cartoonish vibes found within the monster acid-tinged bassline that essentially dominates the cut from start to finish. Much like a red-nose pit, this beast is strong, built to last, and ready to please any discerning dancefloor.

As a special treat, SH-101 got a full re-rinse treatment from Chicago-native and longtime purveyor of house, Mazi. Under his infamous Audio Soul Project moniker, Mazi worked tirelessly on his version of the title cut, and the end result is reminiscent of something Frankie Knuckles would have rocked in Chicago during the glory days when the term ‘house music’ was just a figure of speech. A rough, off-kilter and at times broken-beat groove gives way to hooky keys, while clever arrangement builds the vibe toward a whimsical crescendo in the latter stages.

The EP also includes Flex and Blvd Blues, both boasting the trademark MANIK drum swing and raw, gritty vibes that he’s always managed to effortlessly contrast with his more soulful and melodic side.

MANIK’s SH-101 Dalmatians EP (Cat # VIBE003) will be released digitally on July 20, 2018, via Vibe Me To The Moon Records. The EP will see an exclusive 2-week pre-release on Traxsource, as of July 6, 2018.