Premiere: Listen to YYYY’s Industrial Techno Remix of Michal Jablonski “Chimaera” From Forthcoming EP on Secret Keywords

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 09, 2017

Premiere: Listen to YYYY’s Industrial Techno Remix of Michal Jablonski “Chimaera” From Forthcoming EP on Secret Keywords

Secret Keywords is a vinyl and digital Techno label based in Berlin, founded by Gianmarco Silvetti and Natascia Parisella.

Exploring new sounds is a focus for the project, where new experimental shades of Techno lead the project’s A&R endeavors. The debut vinyl only release sees the return of Michal Jablonski following a previous contribution on the “Secret Wander 001” compilation. This is a three-track solo EP entitled Chimaera, and comes complete with remixes by French producer AWB and Argentinian duo YYYY, which we are premiering exclusively for you today.


“In Without,” the track that opens the record, is an impact noise of one-minute and forty-seven seconds full of abstractionism and anxious power. “Left Object” the second track on the A side follows the style of the hypnotic, dark and convoluted melodies typical of the Polish producer. “Chimaera”, the track which gives the title to the whole record, is pure energy from the first to the last note. Marked beat, enchanting rhythm and remarkable acid nuances define it as the perfect track for the dance floor.

The remix of “Chimaera” on the B side by YYYY is determined by a stronger industrial soundscape, less melodic and with a more aggressive sound than the original track: pure power for body and mind of the listener. This one has that driving and dark aesthetic from the word go. Energy slowly develops as the tension builds, but the focus is on the electrified lead that morphs and progresses hooking you in.

“Left Object” AWB Remix is the track that closes the entire EP, and is outlined by the typical style of the French producer. Elegant sound assembled by a refined use of synths. Apocalyptic mood taste as hypnotic as physical and concrete. Full of musicality and depth, elegant synths provide a slightly gothic style to the sensational and hypnotic crescendo.



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