Premiere: Listen to Tunnel Signs’ “Carbonate” Out On Samo Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 12, 2017

Premiere: Listen to Tunnel Signs’ “Carbonate” Out On Samo Records

Samo Records‘ second release comes from Australia’s Tunnel Signs, who has previously released on Cutters Records, Nein Records, Days of Being Wild, to name a few.

“Ultraviolet,” a ready-for-the-floor collaboration with Moderna (Ghostly, Lumiere Noir), blends a stick-in-your-head vocal with hard electro for radiantly retrofuturistic results. “Carbonate,” which we are premiering today, emanates classic industrial vibes with a heavy, pumping bassline and soaring, melodic synths.

The Markus Gibb (RTTB) remix of “Ultraviolet” strips the original of its prominent synths while adding a healthy dose of slinky, hypnotic beats and dissonant samples. WT Records’ Willie Burns turns “Carbonate” into a big-room-rave anthem: driving rhythms punctuated by noisy squelches under heavy synth loops.Exclusive to the digital version is the debut remix from Samo head Facets, a chuggy, crunchy deconstruction of “Ultraviolet” that makes a perfect soundtrack for all your late-night activities.


Tunnel Signs’ Ultraviolet EP is out on vinyl now and will be released digitally via Samo Records on July 30th.

Connect with Tunnel Signs: Facebook | SoundCloud

Connect with Samo Records: Facebook | SoundCloud

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