Premiere: Listen to Lars Huismann & Chris Koegler and Sept’s Contributions to Voxnox Records’ “Serpent Series Vol. II” V/A

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 22, 2019

Premiere: Listen to Lars Huismann & Chris Koegler and Sept’s Contributions to Voxnox Records’ “Serpent Series Vol. II” V/A

Berlin is a Techno Utopia.

Straight from the dungeons of electronic music’s best parties, Voxnox Records keeps on delivering uncompromising heat for the dance floor – since almost six years now. And with its third Various Artist compilation dropping August 23rd, the rise of this independent label, collective and agency continues.

Berlin resident Lars Huismann teams up with Chris Koegler on “Ripped Dreams“ meaning epic pad programming also teaming up with some most energising groove patterns in here. Meant to be played on a big system, this track feels ecstatic, yet liberating and most definitely rave oriented with its synths and small developing zenith.

Alignment definitely spells hotness on “Can You Hear Me“ – a beast of Kick/Synth harmony straight from and for sweating and eventually soaking rave. With it’s small but therefore stimulating vocal fragment it fusions shaking drum patterns with ever pushing melodies.

Third in this row is Tham’s “Intoxication“ which is nothing less but an invitation letter straight from the warehouses of East-Berlin. Giving a marching groove some serious rave-pads, with essentially turning down into an epic break to drop most effectively just afterwards. Just fire.

Up next is a collaboration between Barcelona-based PØLI and Lorenzo Raganzini’s “Metal Works“ perfectly blending a forward pushing groove with detail works on the major scale, eventually burning the floor down with its ever-rising and not stoppable energy.

The label’s A&R and powerhouse Sept steps things up on „Suicide Generation“, bringing what he’s most known for: efficient power. You may realise his fractions and particular versatile style on every single element of this heatwave, linking powerful arrangement with his forward attitude.

Opal opens up the bigger curtain of this release with “Acid March“. An energy rising tune, combining shuffled hats with synthesiser-influenced drives sure enough to transport serious escalation moods while playing it out.

Newcomers Blame The Mono come from Youkounkoun and step through by flipping and chopping an old school acapella in its most effective way. On banging synth-lines and some forward pushing groove galore, probably kicking the most out of the speaker system.

Last but not least is France’s new talent, producer & DJ – Quelza and his contribution “Olimpian Orbit“ rising dark pads, a continuous climax and unique drive-by bringing diverse and ever-evolving patterns, perfectly matching a hot night’s deserved finale on this compilation.

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