Premiere: Listen to Son Of 8’s “Dark Love” on 8 House Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 14, 2017

Premiere: Listen to Son Of 8’s “Dark Love” on 8 House Records

Two life-long friends – both with their own personal tastes and musical experience – formed to create Son of 8, a new electronic project that’s shrouded in mystery, hailing the arrival of an exciting new sound from the deluge of British electronic dance music producers found today.

Rooted in the post-industrial city of Liverpool, the two elusive friends combined their artistic endeavors and love for music to produce a razor sharp, contemporary sound. The resulting music tips a hat to the classic sounds of Chicago, whilst reinvigorating it with elements of pop, electro, uplifting EDM breakdowns and bottom-heavy, deep house drive.

The two have gone on to found 8 House Records, their own imprint and outlet for music production, and it is on this label that they unleash their latest record to the world on June 16th. “Dark Love” would slot nicely into peak-time club sets all over the world, as experimental percussive grooves and eerie synth melodies add underlining tones of groove throughout.

With long hypnotic build-ups and devastatingly heavy drops, Son of 8 don’t disappoint with this one. Enjoy the track premiere below and head to Beatport to pre-order it.

Pre-Order “Dark Love” via Beatport.

Connect with Son Of 8: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Connect with 8 House Records: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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