Premiere: Listen to Rhythm Cult’s Brilliant “Brutal” Forthcoming on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 03, 2017

Premiere: Listen to Rhythm Cult’s Brilliant “Brutal” Forthcoming on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth

Label owners and experienced dance floor smashers, Rhythm Cult‘s Paul Loraine and Richard Seeley have always dedicated their studio uncountable hours to produce the finest and cutting-edge electronic music. But authentic artists, who have another thing in common: they are never satisfied, as if another level was always above them, awaiting to be conquered. Their latest outing, the brilliant Brutal EP on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth is a testament to their studio prowess.

Rhythm Cult is the name where you’ll find Loraine and Seeley’s way to get into this next level, a most clubbing and engaging electronic music is what they’ve been into, a path they’ve taken together for a simple reason: if you want people to really enjoy clubbing, be serious on having fun while producing the tracks they’ll dance to.

We are happy to be hosting the premiere of the title track from the forthcoming EP, which is out on October 6th and available for pre-order on Beatport.

Brutal (is Spanish for excellent or it’s cool) named after Paul’s favorite Italian tapas restaurant in Barcelona called Can Cisa – Bar Brutal) The track was a delve into experimental, leftfield type of house music. After an initial draft it was sent to Richard in the U.K. We generally work remotely in our own studios located in Barcelona ES and London UK. The Brutal (original) track has a dense bed of drums which Paul laid down along with some synth stabs and the grubby acid bass line, live percussion is what Richard recorded and arranged. With some back and forth between LDN and BCN it evolved into the completed EP with the added Dub mix and the excellent Peter Dundov remix. – Rhythm Cult

Before becoming to Rhythm Cult, Paul and Richard’s trajectory have released on labels such as Vitalik Recordings, Glue Music, Zombie Soundsystem, Akbal Music, Four:Twenty, Indigo Raw Records or Rekids Label to name a few. Clubs such as fabriclondon, LaTerrrazza Barcelona, Space Ibiza, The Gärten (Beirut) or Superfreq (Calais), amongst many others, have welcomed their sets.

In this very moment, Rhythm Cult’s music is getting into the right ears and receiving massive feedback, from close friends to renowned artist´s and label owners. That’s why you can expect soon to listen and dance to their first EPs and, of course, to attend to their awaited dj sets.

Brutal EP will be released on Last Night On Earth this October 6th, and is available for pre-order via Beatport

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