Premiere: Listen to Mark Rogan’s “Phase 1” Off Tribal Phases EP on Intec Digital

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 25, 2018

Premiere: Listen to Mark Rogan’s “Phase 1” Off Tribal Phases EP on Intec Digital

The latest Intec release is from Mark Rogan, a Northern Irish artist whose dark and driving style of techno has been a feature of labels ranging from A.Paul’s Naked Lunch to Rebekah’s Decoy Records.

Based in Belfast where he forms an integral part of the cities underground club scene, the Tribal Phases EP is Mark Rogan’s first release on Intec, and with two solid tracks to show, we doubt it will be his last. Listing a diverse range of influences, Rogan first discovered rock music before moving over to trance, and finally settling on his long-term love of techno, where he lists key influences such as The Advent, Speedy J, Ben Sims, Dave Clarke and Joey Beltram.

First on the release is “Phase 1” that starts with deep pad stabs layered over fast flowing percussion. Claps add energy to the groove whilst rushing ethereal pads add atmosphere and create tension. Timeless with a subtle tribal influence, this up-tempo slice of techno is reminiscent of early Intec releases from the likes of UMEK.

The second track “Phase 2” starts with the gritty sound of a raw percussion loop layered under piercing synths and vocal stabs. Classic in its structure this track going back to the roots of techno with it’s rough around the edges sampling techniques and sound design, but in the process delivers a wonderful sense of nostalgia with a distinctly modern twist.

Tribal Phases EP is available on Beatport

Track Listing:

01. Phase 1
02. Phase 2