Premiere: Listen to Ethnikman’s “Aoulouz” Off Forthcoming 18-Track Debut LP “Ahwach”

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 25, 2017

Premiere: Listen to Ethnikman’s “Aoulouz” Off Forthcoming 18-Track Debut LP “Ahwach”

Ahwach is the debut album from Ethnikman aka Yassine Arrahil. His 18 track opus is a masterfully inventive electronic album that is filled with influences from the worlds of folk and ethnic music, out on July 27th via Symphonic Distribution and available for pre-order now on Juno.

Ethnikman is born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and grew up in Marrakesh, Morocco, surrounded by a unique variety of inspirational sounds that still inspire and influence him to this day. He has previously made hip hop, engineered live events and graduated at the SAE Institute of Rotterdam. An avid collector of old folk LPs and 45rpm records, his quest for forgotten ethnic sounds now comes full circle as he present a whole world of them in this fresh electronic album in an “Ethnic House” style. Each track’s name represents a remote village in Morocco, from which the “Ahwach” of that region preserve their authentic chants, music and performance for centuries.

Starting with the chants and chunky drums of Chefchaouen, the album goes from heavyweight grooves that demand you dance to more minimal and percussive affairs that flutter and float like a butterfly on a warm day. Each track is packed with authentic percussion, fleets, drums and found sound samples that lend it a truly global feel.

Telouat is a track that rocks back and forth on its drums as chanting hypnotises you. Ait Bougemaz is loose and jumbled in its arrangement and makes you feel the same and Taskiouine is a flurry of drums and wind instruments as the double reed instrument from North Africa “Ghaita”, hand cymbals “Krakebs” and dusty drums that will make any party go off. Closer Imintanout slips into a deeper, more late night groove and rounds things out perfectly.

This is a truly unique album that brings plenty of new ideas to the table and excels as a result to defined a “new”? sub-genre of “Ethnic House”, this time, with a Moroccan touch.

1) Chefchaouen
2) Aoulouz
3) Tissint Tata
4) Zagora Aqlal
5) Tamanar
6) Imeghrane
7) Telouet
8) Guedras
9) Tiznit
10) Tagmout
11) Tinghir
12) Aghbalou Ourika
13) Aït Bouguemez
14) Tamguilecht
15) Tamguilecht II
16) Taskiouine
17) Zagora Rokba
18) Imintanout

Pre-Order Ahwach via Juno

Connect with Ethnikman: Facebook | SoundCloud

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