Premiere: Listen to Astrofella’s “Artemis” on Partapart Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 02, 2017

Premiere: Listen to Astrofella’s “Artemis” on Partapart Records

Founded in 2012, Partapart Records is a label set in the midst of the thriving neo-cultural scene in Istanbul. Pushing the freshest in experimental talent, Astrofella is another notch on the expanding index of the imprint.

Artemis reinvents a classic tail of pure fusion. The amalgamation of native harmonies, and fleeting use of the vocoder, channels both the sentimental and explorative, whilst the recurring brass theme consolidates the tracks transient journey. Progressing with the binary theme, the video features two protagonists -of opposing temperaments- in varying poly-luminous settings. The forest and night sky are aligned with the esoteric tonality of the track, whereas the careful use of textures reverberate some of the smaller subtleties within the sampling.

Apollo rounds off the EP with slick synths and ghostly vocals. The arpeggiated progressions are symbolic of trance-like highs, although, when combined with the techno/industrial-inspired percussion, the track achieves a unique dark euphoria.

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