Premiere: Listen to Aggborough’s ‘Talos Principle’ off his Forthcoming Stone Circle EP

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 07, 2017

Premiere: Listen to Aggborough’s ‘Talos Principle’ off his Forthcoming Stone Circle EP

William Green aka Aggborough recently featured on The Rhubarb Triangle, a various release on his own imprint No Real Value which bases each track released on field recordings sourced by William himself. Continuing this signature style, Aggborough presents the EP Stone Circle. The title track is built around a recording of a contact microphone strapped to a dancing flag pole in Iceland. With this, the percussion is organic and raw. The hypnotic nature of “Stone Circle” bleeds into “Not Tripping” which started as a bootleg of “It’s Love (Tripping)” by Goldtrix, but evolved into it’s own creature completely. Deeply rooted and pulsing, “Saving Bacon” is a workout of varied percussion, carefully placed atmospheres and frisky chords. “Talos Principle” is left to show a more aggressive side to Aggborough, featuring more noise oriented drums while also keeping the atmospheres intact.

Today we are premiering this fourth track, “Talos Principle” from the forthcoming EP which is scheduled for April 21st release. The track was developed out of an atmospheric interlude for Aggborough’s liveshow. A staggering groove with quirky sounds and fills popping up unexpectedly.

Listen to the track below and read back here for our interview with William from last month:


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