Premiere: Lee Ann Roberts “Alter Ego” – NowNow Records

Lee Ann Roberts "Alter Ego"
Author : Max Spruill
January 31, 2023

Premiere: Lee Ann Roberts “Alter Ego” – NowNow Records

In Lee-Ann Roberts’ hands, even the hardest techno can have subtlety and soul. The Amsterdam-based, South African-born artist has become a prominent force in the global techno scene thanks to her fierce determination and vibrant creative touch. She leads with her own NowNow label – a self-reliant platform which nods to the South African colloquialism meaning ‘soon’, a call to surrender to the moment and follow where the music takes you.

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The vitality in Roberts’ sound undoubtedly comes from her broad outlook, inspired as much by the revolutionary misfits of rock as the visionary pioneers of electronic music. Her attraction to unusual and distinctive qualities in the music she makes and plays all add up to one of the most exciting forces in contemporary techno – a commanding presence that demands your full attention.

Surrender to the call of NowNow Records as Lee Ann Roberts presents her second release via the imprint, the Alter Ego EP – featuring remixes from Tred, Milo Spykers, and Lokier.

With the ethos that even the most brutal beats can feature soul and subtlety, Lee Ann Roberts’ brand of contemporary techno demands full listener attention. Equally inspired by yesterday’s rock n roll misfits as she is with dance visionaries, the Amsterdam-based, South African-born artist has found a prominent place within the global industry since her Beatport-hit Suara debut, Miyamoto. Thanks in no small part to a relentless work ethic and a willingness to travel far and wide as an ambassador of sound, Roberts has climbed the echelons of the harder side of dance through sheer determination and creativity. From humble beginnings to underground Los Angeles nights to the stages of international destination festivals like Caprices, BPM, Verknipt, and DGTL, Lee Ann’s vibrant touch sets decks aflame wherever she goes. With NowNow Records, she guides a platform for like-minded artists, urging spontaneity and open-mindedness through its colloquial translation “soon”.

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After NowNow’s first-ever V/A release, Lee Ann Roberts provides her second release Alter Ego via the imprint NowNow Records. The four-track EP is nothing short of what you’d expect from Roberts and NowNow – a ravey throwback with interpretations for all hours. Her eponymous A-side is a percussive driver not for the faint of heart. But, equally dominating as it is enigmatic, Alter Ego sets the pace for things to come. Berlin, by way of Australia’s Tred provides the Ep’s first remix, a high-powered, relentless ode of rave nostalgia. Next, Antwerp underground hero Milo Spykers takes the reigns with the EP’s B1. His take sees Alter Ego transform into the galactic territory – extra spacey but equally bold. Finally, Berlin’s one and only Lokier puts the icing on the 90s rave-inspired cake with her psychedelic, peak-time stormer of a remix. If you’ve caught any of Lee Ann and Lokier’s back-to-backs over the last year, you know what you’re in store for here – a staple track of those sets.

Premiere: Lee Ann Roberts “Alter Ego” – NowNow Records

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