Premiere: Kr!z “Nautilus” – Token

Author : Mark Grossane
November 08, 2022

Premiere: Kr!z “Nautilus” – Token

Positioned at the forefront of the international scene for quite some time as a DJ and label head, Kr!z first unveiled his work to the public as a producer on a few compilations starting in 2017, leading to a debut full-length EP ‘Mantra’ in 2019 via Token. After solid follow-ups on Setaoc Mass’s SK_Eleven and James Ruskin’s Blueprint, Kr!z now offers ‘Atlantis’, pushing new depth into two original tracks with remixes by the infamous Oscar Mulero and exciting up-and-coming Marcal.

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Source: KR!Z PR

‘Nautilus’ brings a loopy groove with momentary dissonant synth-work to polish things up. Stricter transitions provide structure to the EP as a whole, and the energy passes from a maelstrom to waves. To conclude, Brazil’s Marcal provides his take on ‘Nautilus’ by tightening the seams and adding his famed groove to Kr!z’s work. Particularly playful on the drums and fleeting stabs, Marcal adds sway to the mix with an infectious pulsating bassline that effortlessly pushes all other elements; never once losing his balance.

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