Premiere: Kessell Returns to His Warm Up Recordings Home with “Refuse To Conform” EP

Kessell Warm Up
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 04, 2020

Premiere: Kessell Returns to His Warm Up Recordings Home with “Refuse To Conform” EP

Oscar Mulero’s Warm Up Recordings welcomes Kessell back to their home for this Refuse To Conform four-track EP.

Not many words needed to introduce this classic producer whose name means skills, futurism and quality. He offers four cuts of hypnotically driven techno, starting with “Killing Vector.” Sharp drum work, funky stabs and classy feeling. “Crypto” follows with a more alien approach, random FM sequences, shuffled grooves and asymmetrical synth lines. Enjoy the exclusive premiere of this track below.

“Processed For Use” comes into tooly territories, with opaque sequences that progressively grow from the low part of the sound spectrum and a solid rythm backing, mutating and evolving wisely. “Refuse To Conform” sounds sci-fi and bleepy, irregular drum patterns, reverberated synth bleeps and lots of FX processing collide in a super-intelligent mix tool.

Four tracks of pure techno aside of tendencies, for the real players out there.

6AM · Premiere: Kessell “Crypto” – Warm Up Recordings< More About Kessell

Kessell is the alter ego of Valentín Corujo, half of the Exium duo, this is his solo project where he explores the most liquid of his sonic palette. His music has naturally evolved from a hard and minimalist sound to their current style mixing dub, Detroit techno, electro, minimal or techno, which has lead to the creation of his label Granulart Recordings, physical/digital label focused on the deepest side of techno with dub influences and classic Detroit sound, designed both to release his own stuff as well as music from artists that fit the philosophy of the label. A label where precision and musicality occur hand in hand with the intention of creating timeless pieces, outside the passage of time, sounds you can enjoy as a delicatessen over the years.

Track Listing:

A1 Killing vector
A2 Crypto
B1 Processed For Use
B2 Refuse To Conform

Kessell’s Refuse To Conform EP is out May 8th on Warm Up and available on Bandcamp

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