Premiere: Keith Carnal Releases “Retrofit” Debut Album on SEC NDº

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 20, 2019

Premiere: Keith Carnal Releases “Retrofit” Debut Album on SEC NDº

Keith Carnal Releases Retrofit debut album on his recently-launched SEC NDº imprint.

Keith Carnal grew up in a musical home in the northern part of Holland, with techno being the first type of music that made a lasting impression on him. After releases on labels such as ARTS and Affin, Keith launched his own SEC NDº imprint in late 2018 to showcase his atmospheric yet sparkling productions which have been held in high esteem throughout the techno scene for many years.

After two successful EP’s on the label that picked up support from the likes of Len Faki, Marcel Fengler, Matrixxman and many more, Keith felt that it was time to show what he can do as producer with his debut album being the result:

“The album, Retrofit, is a reflection of my inspiration based on the music I grew up with. It especially emphasizes on the neo-noir movies and the music that came with those movies. Think of Blue Velvet, Blade Runner, Twin Peaks, True Romance, etc. But it also is inspired on events that took place in my life, think of weekends without sleep and going to parties in Berlin and here in Amsterdam. Clubs like Trouw, Berghain and the Gashouder that helped me in finding the sound I stand for today. But also from my youth where I’d listen to every kind of genre up my attic bedroom, hours and hours each day. “Retrofit” basically means modernising vintage technology. This term really seemed “fit” for what the labels encompasses. The album includes 10 tracks, which go from instrumental to the more club-ready kind of tracks.” – Keith.

Our premiere today, ‘Fresh Needle,’ offers up crunchy compositions, sweeping tones and storming synthesis.

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1. Neo Noir
2. Sprinkle Stardust
3. Take it From Me
4. Way Back When
5. You Look Beautiful
6. One-on-One
7. Not Y our Ordinary
8. Fresh Needle
9. Moving Molecules
10. Pillow Talk

Listen to Keith Carnal’s Globel Vibe Radio Mix here

Keith Carnal Releases Retrofit on SEC NDº on 22nd November 2019

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