Premiere: Keith Carnal “Ape Shit Crazy” – BPitch

Keith Carnal
Author : Skylar Schossberger
March 22, 2022

Premiere: Keith Carnal “Ape Shit Crazy” – BPitch

Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Keith Carnal is a tastemaker in today’s world of techno. His own style of techno has a strong emphasis on melodies, groove, and percussive elements. The artist returns to BPitch with a rousing excursion into the visceral side of techno. Stocked with deadly drum arrangements, thumping kicks and imposing bass lines, Keith Carnal’s armory is well equipped to cause maximum impact on the dance floor.

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Listen to Premiere: Keith Carnal “Ape Shit Crazy” – BPitch

“Ape Shit Crazy” takes listeners straight into the depths of Keith Carnal’s wild mind. It’s a bombastic cut that utilizes a pitched down spoken word vocal. The storyteller takes its listeners into the world of after party excess and “ape shit craziness” as the beats pump relentlessly. It’s debauched, heavy and utterly alluring.

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