Premiere: Kastil Delivers an Intense Four-Track Trip on His Stale Imprint

Kastil Stale
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 10, 2020

Premiere: Kastil Delivers an Intense Four-Track Trip on His Stale Imprint

New short and intense trip by Kastil for his own label Stale, showcasing his actual vision of dance music, evolving from previous patterns towards more futuristic shapes of frequencies, keeping the impact and body effectiveness.

We are living a small book that always repeats in time, a problem that feeds back, reflected in a lack of inward-looking and local order, which is repeated in so many scenes constantly, the failure and the fall of powers, destroyed in itself by mismanagement and the excesses, after a period of massive mediocrity populating everywhere. In a weakness society, thought loses effectiveness, turning the masses into shadows without thinking or self-judgment, luckily changes always aligns thinking with smart rising acts in short time again, from individuals to entire populations.

“Distant” opens the release with a dystopian passage, worthy of a not too distant future, giving a way to “The Falling Acts”, with an exercise in tension and industrial mechanisms, encompassing a set of emotions ready for that new era.

“Infrared Band” does not escape the muscular territories, accompanied by modular resonances and a synth that unwinds on its own, creating a piece that mutates and evolve over the time frame. As a closing piece “Entering (Live Version)” is responsible for putting the magnetic force on the dance floor, with a repetitive hook from an excerpt of his last modular live performance, adapted in studio to the DJ format at its best.

Enjoy the premiere of “Distant” below.

Track Listing:

  1. Distant
  2. The Falling Acts
  3. Infrared Band
  4. Entering (Live Version)

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