Premiere: Will Eastman Teams With DC’s Best and Brightest for “Hilo (Remixed)”

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 12, 2018

Premiere: Will Eastman Teams With DC’s Best and Brightest for “Hilo (Remixed)”

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of his debut album, Hilo, Washington-based producer Will Eastman has teamed up with some of the standout producers based in the nation’s capital for Hilo (Remixed).

The release is a curated collection of remixes that spotlight some of the city’s most exciting and promising artists. Eastman—who is also a DJ and the owner/operator of DC’s world-renowned dance club U Street Music Hall—and eight of his hand-selected collaborators present this track-by-track remix of his lauded album, which also serves as a showcase of the emerging talent in DC’s dance music scene.

We have the honor of premiering one of the tracks from the fine selection of remixes, allowing Ghetto Ghetto Records founder and label head Julius Jetson to take the spotlight as he goes full-on bass house on “Million” featuring Ameer Dyson.

“This remix was really special to me becauseat the time I was inBerlin trying to find myself and figure out my next move post leaving Nu Androids. I didn’t write music for about 3 weeks until will asked me to do this remix. He caught me at the most opportune time because I had just come back from 48-hour party at Funkhaus put on by Perlon, a minimal techno label based out of Berlin. After not sleeping for almost two days, I ended up laying down the foundations of the track before I passed out because I was so inspired by attending that party. I finished out the remainder of the track over the following days while living in Berlin, with just my laptop and headphones. I really hope you enjoy it, its something super different from me,and something I’m really proud of.

Furthermore, it also opened up a gateway for me to elevate my production, this track was what sparked the end of what I consider my old self and the beginning of realizing my new sound. It was the spark I needed to get back into my groove.

I really love what this remix album has become, in my opinion, it truly showcases some of the best artists the district has to offer and it’s really stoked to be a part of it. To be among so many other talented producers is a blessing” – Julius Jetson

But the rest of the tracks that form Hilo (Remixed) aren’t any less worthy of a mention. Quite to the contrary, they truly highlight the hotbed of talent that currently call the nation’s capital home.

Enamour, recently signed to Deadmau5’s Mau5trap Records, introduces the remix album with his vibey, house take on “Froggie” which is sure to get love from across the dance music spectrum.

“Can’t Let U Go” featuring Prince Spectre, a track which Eastman and producer and Yoshitoshi Recordings label manager Nick Garcia remixed for the WAMU/NPR 1A radio show theme, gets a hyper experimental, Jersey Club mix from Rewak.

Nick Garcia, who also mixed and mastered Hilo and Hilo (Remixed), turns in a cosmic disco classic-in-the-making remix of “Hush” featuring Output message.

Newcomer Nebo lays down a summer anthem with his R&B vocals on the original album’s house instrumental, “Elizabeth, 6:00 a.m.”

Eau Claire, whose own vocal collaboration, “Limitless,” was a stand-out track on Hilo, shines with her signature disco sound in her take of “Tell Me,” featuring Armada Records artist Patrick Baker.

“Waiting To Leave New York,” which got a haunting, Kraftwerk-inspired vocal on the Hilo by Paperhaus vocalist Alex Tebeleff, is presented here in its original instrumental form—perfect for chilling on the couch or a 6:00 a.m. sunrise DJ set.

To close out the album, veteran D.C. favorite Outputmessage shines with his remix of “Limitless” featuring Eau Claire. Outputmessage’s mix showcases his unique artistic talent for memorable, soaring electronic music and is perfect for any style of DJ set. It’s a dance floor gem.

Hilo (Remixed) Tracklist:

-“Froggie” (Enamour Remix)
-“Can’t Let U Go” feat. Prince Spectre (Rewak Remix)
-“Million” feat. Ameer Dyson (Julius Jetson Remix)
-“Hush” feat. Outputmessage (Nick Garcia Remix)
-“Elizabeth6:00 a.m.” feat. Nebo
-“Tell Me” feat. Patrick Baker (Eau Claire Remix)
-“Waiting To Leave New York” (Instrumental)
-“Limitless” feat. Eau Claire (Outputmessage Remix)