Premiere: John Varuhin Returns To His CLYDE Records Imprint With More Sublime Minimal Techno

John Varuhin minimal techno
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 01, 2020

Premiere: John Varuhin Returns To His CLYDE Records Imprint With More Sublime Minimal Techno

Canadian John Varuhin returns once more to his CLYDE Records imprint with more of his sublime minimal techno.

Deliverance comes a year after the Bunker EP on the newly formed CLYDE imprint that picked up support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Luke Slater, Danny Daze and finds the Vancouver based artist, John Varuhin in fine form. John is someone who likes to make field recordings, and in the studio has a groundbreaking sound that is clean and sharp in style with plenty of hi-fidelity details to make it all the more evocative.

Heady opener ‘Denial’ is a haunting minimal and deep techno roller, some quality John Varuhin work. It is stripped right back to a taut rubber kick, then an eerie piano motif is left to roll up top in absorbing fashion. It might be sparse, but it sure is impactful.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of this minimal techno piece from John Varuhin below:

The excellent ‘Wetware’ is another vast and empty open space but for watery sounds, a grinning lead that sweeps across the track and pinging kicks that make you move. Atmospheric minimal doesn’t come much better.

The quality continues on ‘Accept Your Fate’, a hard-hitting but just as deep and tense techno cut that locks you into a real state of hypnosis and has deft synth hooks keeping you there for the elongated duration.

It is ‘Deliverance’ that closes out with warm sub-bass down low, barely-there drums driving you along and spooky vocals, drips and glitches detailing this most austere of grooves.

Deliverance is an EP that follows John Varuhin’s music mission: Sweeping panoramic scans of progress inhibitors. Contextual inflections documented through the intuitive use of reasoned channels. Digital sound art tied together with a thread made of anodized wire.

From Vancouver, B.C.

Deliverance Tracklist

Accept Your Fate

John Varuhin Deliverance drops on CLYDE Records on Oct 8th and is available HERE

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