Premiere: Jeroen Search Returns to Token With More Signature Hypnotic Techno Goodness

Jeroen Search returns to Token with "Aether" EP
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 17, 2021

Premiere: Jeroen Search Returns to Token With More Signature Hypnotic Techno Goodness

Following up 2020’s Inner Call, Jeroen Search returns to Token with another serving of characteristically hypnotic purism. Aether draws on classic, tripping motifs designed for maximum drive.

“Opener Nightshade” kicks off proceedings with a stylish lead sequence. Dry and effective, the track makes the most of its limited components, opening up briefly for a considered breakdown before returning to the driving repetition that will come to define the record.

“Zero Day Exploit” follows–another crisp, beautifully executed composition that bears all the hallmarks of a seasoned engineer.

On the flip, title track “Aether” brings some extra swing to proceedings, with drum machine patterns building tension as the main riff twists over its run time.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Jeroen Search “Aether” on Token below:


Closer “Rejection Rate” sees the record out, a dense peak time roller complete with elegant chord stabs.

More About Jeroen Search

Jeroen Search is one of techno’s most influential producers, but is also a well-kept public secret. Putting out consistently high-quality music since the mid-nineties, he is always right at the sharp end of the techno spectrum. Keeping Jeroen Search there are the slick beats he releases on his own genre-defining label Search, as well as those on Figure, Warm Up Recordings, Dynamic Reflection, Token and many others.

Named by many as a source of inspiration, Jeroen embodies a clear and honest interpretation of techno. His tracks, while continually evolving, always remain true to that typical Search-sound. Given his always refreshing output, he has seen no need to completely reinvent himself and instead keeps on putting out his always timeless techno, much to the delight of fans everywhere.

Listen to Global Vibe Radio 238 Feat. Jeroen Search

With strong support from major names like Len Faki, Jeroen continues to tour the world. Spellbinding audiences with his expertly crafted DJ sets and truly inspirational live sets, and claiming his space at the table of the absolute cutting edge of techno.

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