Premiere: Jay Tripwire Returns to SUPERFREQ. With Remixes From Jared Love, Jehr & Joel West.

Jay Tripwire - Superfreq
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 18, 2020

Premiere: Jay Tripwire Returns to SUPERFREQ. With Remixes From Jared Love, Jehr & Joel West.

Regular SUPERFREQ collaborator Jay Tripwire returns to the label for his DMT Demento EP, featuring specially-curated remixes from Jared Love, Jehr and an Alternative Reality rework from Joel West.

Jay has a masterfully tripped out and late night sound. It is filled with futuristic vibes and for many years has marked him out in a class of one.

This new one is another case in point: DMT Demento is deep, dark and mysterious, with a wispy lead taking you down the rabbit hole, as groaning synths and spooky pads all bring the atmosphere.

Jared Love pairs it back to a more supple groove, with silky hits and drums, dubbed out chords and really heady vibes all soothing body and soul as you get lost in the music.

Enjoy the exclusive premiere of the Jared Love remix below.

Jehr then flips it with a busy lead that darts about the mix and grows ever more acidic, with plenty of haunting pads adding to the paranoid vibes. Last of all, Joel West gets more intense, with high pressure bass and synths racing along, chattery snares and acidic sounds all working you into a lather.

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Once again here SUPERFREQ. lead from the front, and how could they not with Jay Tripwire on board leading this latest release?


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Superfreq was set up by boss Mr.C back in 2002 with the sole aim of entertaining discerning clubbers into innovative dance music and quality lifestyles.

The Superfreq label is a platform for creativity. Our artist roster features many new quality producers as well as a few old masters, which keeps the music released on Superfreq extremely cutting edge & very different from the norm of today’s generic dance music.

DMT Demento Track Listing:

1) DMT Demento (Original Mix)
2) DMT Demento (Jared Love Remix)
3) DMT Demento (Jehr Remix)
4) DMT Demento (Joel West Alternative Reality Remix)

Jay Tripwire DMT Demento EP is out on SUPERFREQ. and available HERE

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