Premiere: Jannowitz Records Dives Into Split EP Concept with SILES and Raul Facio’s “Tombstone” EP

This month’s release marks the start of what you could call a new era at Jannowitz Records. Over the last few months, and even years, it has been the label’s concept to showcase original tracks and remixes on most EPs. But things change.

With this EP the label introduces the new Jannowitz split release concept, with two tracks by two artists each and that’s it. This very first one is brought to you by two friends and producers SILES and Raul Facio.

The title track by SILES is a proper groovy Jannowitz Records production with heavy progressive beats, a spacey break and some vocal snippets. His second track on the split EP is called “Mirage” a little bit faster, more straight-forward and also a bit darker but equally exciting.

Raul Facio’s sound is more driving with rolling basslines underneath his tracks “Strat” and “Atomized.” Both build up nicely towards breaks in their second thirds which feel like a climax releasing its full energy with a spectacular drop. Both tracks are similarly percussion-heavy and well-produced but completely different with the Mexican’s personal touch to it.

All four tracks work perfectly together making our first split EP “Tombstone” a very exciting peek into the next steps of Jannowitz Records.

SILES and Raul Facio’s Tombstone EP is out on Jannowitz Records and available HERE