Premiere: First Jannowitz Records Release of 2020 Features Label Head-Honco BOHO and Reza Golroo

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 02, 2020

Premiere: First Jannowitz Records Release of 2020 Features Label Head-Honco BOHO and Reza Golroo

“Who should do the first release of 2020?“ the JAW team wondered. Jannowitz Records main honcho BOHO and Jaw Dropping Records label head Rachel Raw racked their brains over this question until they finally thought: “Why not do it ourselves?” And this is exactly what both did: On Jannowitz Records, BOHO teamed up with his good mate Reza Golroo to produce some classic Jannowitz Records tracks – you know, the good stuff that made you fall in love with the label.

After their brilliant debut on Spanish uber-label Bully Beatz it felt like the right way to go. “Medusa“ is the name of the EP, but before we talk you through the tracks, we want to point out the fantastic cover artwork by Italian tattoo artist Mirco Campioni. He did a great job on this super trippy medusa head.

You’ll find two original bangers on the EP. “Medusa“ is more stripped-down, raw, progressive and minimal techno, one of the sounds that Jannowitz Records became famous for. The second track “Mad Max“ feels groovier with more focus on the percussive elements – you’ll see the Reza Golroo influence there. But the evil vocal gives BOHO’s participation away. Three of our favorite artists were kind enough to provide remixes of “Mad Max“ for the EP. all three of which are true bombs. Colombian DJ and producer Juan DDD – in real life he goes by Juan Diego Mendoza Patiño – went deeper with the bass and put in some spacey elements. Jannowitz Records artist Mycell who is a very dear friend of the label did what he does best: Full on power with slashing hi-hats and a very heavy kick. And then Italian super duo Mr. Bizz went so far that you probably won’t recognize the original anymore. Their remix almost feels like a meditation: very hypnotic but not less energetic!


BOHO and Reza Golroo’s Medusa EP is out via Jannowitz Records and available HERE

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