Premiere: I Am Bam Delivers 15th Release on The AudioBloc With Five Distinct Remixes

I Am Bam AudioBloc
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 23, 2021

Premiere: I Am Bam Delivers 15th Release on The AudioBloc With Five Distinct Remixes

I Am Bam lands at The AudioBloc for chapter 15, teamed with a cast of incredible UK talent on the remixes.

Successfully making the rounds on all the right labels, Bam has already built a meticulous discography, highlighted by appearances on Octopus, Suara, and Terminal M. Making his debut at The AudioBloc, the Berlin-based Techno producer brings three tracks to the table. Leading with No Edge, a high octane charge of insistent, gated synths and drums. His track entitled Now, witnesses Bam’s unmistakable sound, with side-chained hoovers and echoing vocals. Finally, Pressure delivers something much deeper with warm, rich strings, old school break and vocal.

Recognised as a who’s who of rising UK talent, the cast starts with the always efficient, stand out Melody’s Enemy, with his interpretation of No Edge, adding vocal adlibs, rich overtones and LFO effects. Dubbed, stripped back and effective is the vision for No Edge from newcomer Rhys Maxwell. Not lost in SMYTH’s remix of No Edge is the energetic pull from the original which remains steadfast throughout his take. Inafekt’s design for Now, with solid rhythmic themes, delivers tension-filled energy. And for the exhilarating UK flavoured finale, expertly crafted breaks with subtle undertones of summer sunrise, bringing all elements together from the boys of KUSP, for their remix of Pressure.

Enjoy the premiere of I Am Bam “Now” on The AudioBloc


More About I Am Bam

Bamdad aka I Am Bam is DJ and producer who has been musically raised between Los Angeles, Tehran and Sydney.

I Am Bam’s release catalogue includes works on Suara, OFF Recordings, Octopus Recordings and ODD Recordings just to name few.

Listen to 6AM Guest Mix: I Am Bam

His productions caught the attention and the regular support of names such as Carl Cox, Coyu, Gary Beck, Fatima Hajii, Davide Squillace, Chus & Ceballos, Marco Carola, Jamie Jones and many others who believe in his work.

Tracklisting (in order):

1) No Edge (Original Mix)
2) No Edge (Melody’s Enemy Remix)
3) No Edge (Rhys Maxwell Remix)
4) No Edge (SMYTH Remix)
5) Now (Original Mix)
6) Now (Inafekt Remix)
7) Pressure (Original Mix)
8) Pressure (KUSP Remix)

I Am Bam No Edge EP is out on The AudioBloc and available HERE

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