Premiere: Hungary’s Dave Wincent Returns To Cryptic For “Unmounted Lung Series 03”

Dave Wincent
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 03, 2020

Premiere: Hungary’s Dave Wincent Returns To Cryptic For “Unmounted Lung Series 03”

Hungary’s Dave Wincent is back on his Cryptic label with three resounding techno cuts entitled Unmounted Lung Series 03.

Wincent has run this label since 2017. It is where he has forged his own musical identity and picked up an enthusiastic following around the world. Although staying true to his own sound, he constantly evolved his art and has been doing so ever since he started DJing back at school. These days he has played all over France, Vietnam and Malta and has released on iconic labels like Tronic and Popopf’s Form. Now he is focusing on his own label and delivers the third in his ongoing Unmounted Lung Series and features tracks that have already got support from Anastasia Kristensen, who played them on her recent Boiler Room set.

‘Unmounted Lungs 05’ opens up with white hot hypnotic techno taking you deep into the night. The drum loops hit hard and drives you onwards as icy hi hats and spooky synths form a wall of irresistible noise.

Listen to that premiere from Hungary’s Dave Wincent exclusively below.

‘Unmounted Lungs 06’ is another vast techno groove run through with haunting pads that will be perfect in a vast decaying warehouse.

Last of all, ‘Unmounted Lungs 07’ is the quickest of the lot, with high speed drums and shimmering metallic hits and hats all keeping your suspense as the unsettling atmospheres draw you in.

1. Unmounted Lungs 05
2. Unmounted Lungs 06
3. Unmounted Lungs 07

Dave Wincent ‘Unmounted Lung Series 03’ drops on Cryptic on 10th April 2020