Premiere: Housemeister Unleashes Second Album for 2020, an Ode To Endless Summers

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 15, 2020

Premiere: Housemeister Unleashes Second Album for 2020, an Ode To Endless Summers

The second album from Housemeister in 2020 is, like always, completely different: it’s super melodic, but also fast, and very techno, and it comes as both Vinyl and digital.

With his new campaign SAVE THE #ENVINYLMENT everyone who orders a vinyl on his Bandcamp will automatically plant a tree with How nice is that?

Right on schedule for sun-kissed dance floor manoeuvres and beachside psy-ops, Housemeister’s second album in 2020 3NDL3SS SVMM3R finds the German producer steering away from the dark, muscular techno thrust that innervated his previous iterations to drop anchor into further euphoric rave & wave horizons. Trading the iron glove for more malleable textures and hair-raising buildups, this new seven-tracker reintroduces the old Housemeister back to his audience, as he returns to a more kindly melodic, feels-conducting approach not unlike that of his earlier records.

Mixing a fine meshwork of cottony synthlines, skittish drum patterns and the beautiful voice of no one else than the incredible Miss Kittin.

The opening hit ‘Daydreamers’ will have you zoning out to limbos of gently-mannered breaksy spook right away. Revving up the engines to a galloping prog swing, deep-diving Bodzin-ian roller ’SUNDANCERS’ cranks up the pressure with optimal impact. As a loud 909 kick and passive-aggressive drums press on zealously, washed out synth arpeggios unfold in corollas of pearly bubbles, wrapping around the racing bass to kick euphoria levels up a notch. Way more choppy a ride, ‘Odyssey’ could well fit in a joyous 8-bit video game narrative with its Donkey Kong-esque percussions and mist-shrouded island-like atmosphere. Just dodge the boss’s barrels on the way up.

Enjoy the exclusive premiere of ‘SUNDANCER’ from Housemeister below.

As its title suggests, ’Trip To Heaven’ grants you a one-way ride into celestial spheres. Flowing out of gushing cataracts of steroid-boosted arpeggios, Housemeister engineers a fiery mix of rattling percs and hi-octane drum shuffle, sure to turn any dancefloor upside down without further ado. Driven by an eerie melody, ‘3NDL3SS SVMM3R’ rapidly evolves into a gargling acid dasher, tailored to make maximum impact when things finally get rougher.

No Housemeister Release would be complete without a breaksy treat and ’FEEL LIKE’ is here to provide just that. Alternating sequences of spacious cosmic hedonism with knee-buckling moves and a pinch of French Touch-y robotics, the track puts on an evocatively lush note, which will undoubtedly please both time-travellers and cross-dimensional ravers altogether. Interlarded with a bleepy electroid groove and coarse, old-school drum programming, ’SEE YOU’ tops off the package on a Blade Runner-ish kosmische finale, that’ll have you whisper words from the C-Beams speech as you show off your deadly footwork on top of a crumbling dystopian building and reminisce assaulting ships off the shoulder of Orion quite naturally.

Track Listing:

1. Housemeister feat. Miss Kittin – Daydreamer
3. Odyssey
4. Trip to Heaven

Housemeister 3NDL3SS SVMM3R is out Sept 21st on AYCB and available HERE

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