Premiere: Holldën Reveals “Kindsness of Killers” EP on Rhod Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 01, 2020

Premiere: Holldën Reveals “Kindsness of Killers” EP on Rhod Records

This new Rhod Records reference, part of their BINARY CODE series, is reference number 17 for the label, presented by the Portuguese artist Holldën.

Holldën is a techno DJ and producer from Portugal. He’s the founder of Kuiper Noise and a current member of Disturb

Here he gives us a solid four-track “Kindness Of Killer” EP, characterized by mental techno with long progressions, creating a timeless EP that is as much as for the dance floor as for the easy listening.

“Below Deck” opens this EP, linear techno, where little by little he introduces elements to finish creating a loop that will be the central piece of the song, submerged acids and a clear percussion make it a clean theme of entrance and exit.

“Calamidade” represents perfectly where the Rhod sound turns to. Nowadays, in a scene where the BPMs are again predominant over the composition, this track suggests a much slower but not less effective tempo, superimposed bass lines and a well-differentiated clip sound, there is another type of track and it is this one.

We continue with “Continental” where melody appear for the first time, along with very subtle vocal samples. Here we continue with a slower dance cadence but perfect for club.

“Letter Boy” closes the EP and here we go up with BPMs. It brings us closer to late-night moments, with strong bass drums and a lead build for a track squarely designed for the dance floor.

Holldën Kindess of Killers EP is out on Rhod Records and available here

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