Premiere: Hiver Remixes D_Roots’ “AMSR” for Autarchy Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 10, 2018

Premiere: Hiver Remixes D_Roots’ “AMSR” for Autarchy Records

The second release of the relatively newborn, Berlin-based Italian label Autarchy Records offers yet another various artists release; as for the first output, the label gives light to Autre and D_Roots – both producers are near to the label – and invites relevant figures of the scene to reinterpret the original tracks, specifically Hiver and Juju & Jordash.

AU002 starts with a banging tune by Autre, a slow crescendo that turns right into an emotional synth parade – Autre is a Berlin-based Italian house DJ/producer recently on the edge, who released on XDB’s Metrolux. Dekmantel affiliates Juju & Jordash rethink the “Prima” track, revisiting Autre’s dreamy concept adding some industrial-ish elements.

A whole different scenario appears when you flip the record on the B-side. Deep house Italian rising talent D_Roots drops a nostalgic flavor with the house-oriented “ASMR”, anticipating a solid, colorful closure of the EP which see Hiver’s rework of the track, a yardstick that rounds things off just to the beginning of the A-side.


As said by the so missed Juno Plus: “The middle ground between US and European electronic music is where the work of Hiver exists”. Echoing hypnotic melodies and haunting rhythms, Giuseppe Albrizio and Sergio Caio, have given form to Hiver back in 2012. Since then, they’ve started defining their aesthetic path, driven by dark and distant elements slowly evolving in a mould of linear rhythms.

Their debut EP “A Day”, on Vidab Records in 2012, has been followed by the highly acclaimed “Blue Aconite” EP, released via Curle Recordings and including a Tobias remix. Thanks to this release, Hiver’s name started to be reckon worldwide. Clubs and festival promoters has soon started taking note of their works, as testified by their shows at Panoramabar, Dimensions Festival, ADE, Oval Space, Rio De Janeiro and a 5 shows Asia tour, just to name a few.

Being based in Milan, it didn’t take too long for them to get offered to join the infamous Dude Club as resident DJs while in the meantime, other labels and producers started approaching Hiver with collaboration offers. With other 2 EPs signed on Curle, a release on Luke Hess’s Deeplabs label and further acetates on Kann, Appian Sounds, Bokhari and Taped Artifact the ground is set to allow Hiver to push their sound to a further level.

Mastering by Sven Weisemann

Artwork by Natasha Panattoni