Premiere: Hellix Debuts on АЕРОБИК With Two Killer Cuts and Pfirter Remix

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 19, 2020

Premiere: Hellix Debuts on АЕРОБИК With Two Killer Cuts and Pfirter Remix

Polish producer Hellix debuts on АЕРОБИК (AEROBIK) with two killer techno cuts and a remix from Pfirter.

Piotr Zarzycki, also known as Hellix, was born in eastern Poland. His exploration for electronic music began when he received his first audio cassettes which eventually led him to producing intricate techno. Currently residing in Krakow and regularly supporting the local scene through his regular appearances at parties and events, Hellix’s hard work and graft has resulted in him debuting on the Swiss techno label AEROBIK whose goal is ‘to make you sweat’ following sizzling releases from artists such as Savas Pascalidis, TWR72, Env3 and label boss Aux Couture.

‘Resume’ kicks off with revolving rhythms fused delicately with shimmering oscillations and pulsating, synth flutters before our premiered track today called ‘Liquid’ deploys pumping drums, looping bleeps and energetic modulations that reverberate gracefully throughout.

Argentina-born, Barcelona-based producer Pfirter has been gracing the likes of CLR, Figure and Stroboscopic Artefacts with some of his outstanding productions and rounds off the EP with an uplifting remix of ‘Liquid’ delivering beautifully layered arrangements, mind-bending sonics and warped elements.


Liquid (Pfirter Remix)

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Hellix Resume EP drops on АЕРОБИК on 21st Feburary 2020.