Premiere: HAYES Invites “A Thousand Details” For Latest EP

A Thousand Details - Mirage EP
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 10, 2020

Premiere: HAYES Invites “A Thousand Details” For Latest EP

HAYES, a Portugal-based record label and collective dedicated to techno and experimental electronic music, is presenting its new release, Mirage EP from A Thousand Details.

A Thousand Details is a Portugues DJ and producer based in Porto. He is the owner of ATD Records and Reaktivate Records.

Mirage EP rolls down like a turbulent and cold avalanche, indulging the listener into a mesmerising darkness whilst setting up the perfect sonic scenario for a heavy hypnosis.

We are premiering “Kiavk” from the release.

Hayes is an electronic music platform dedicated to Techno and experimental electronics. Based on strong sonic exploitation, it embraces experimentation as a driving force for artistic production devoid of prejudice. The sound objects that come from it have their own imprint, an aesthetic that is marked by the position that it intends to assume.

It assembles as an artistic collective, record label and curator, promoting art as a fundamental element of enculturation and critical capacity.

‘Mirage’ EP will be available after the 13th of March via the HAYES Bandcamp Page

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