Premiere: Greencross Delivers Three Originals With “Agorism” EP On Hidden Suits

Greencross - Agorism EP
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 23, 2020

Premiere: Greencross Delivers Three Originals With “Agorism” EP On Hidden Suits

After five years since his last solo release, Greencross delivers three original techno tracks on an EP titled Agorism, out March 30th on Hidden Suites.

In the last five years, after publishing Convergent Waves on his own Different Is Different Records, Greencross released several collaborations and remixes on legendary record labels such as Advanced Records, Primate, Primevil, NB Records, MER, Driving Forces, Geushky and more. During this time he remixed Ken Ishii, Stanny Franssen, Gayle San, Tom Hades, Uncertain (Boriqua Tribez), Ortin Cam plus many others.

On Agorism the Venezuelan-born producer brings three cuts recorded live on a single take, using only hardware synthesizers, samplers and drum machines. A raw, dirty and minimalistic techno concept.

Agorism is a social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges through counter-economics, engaging with aspects of a peaceful revolution. There is no definitive policy statement from any authoritative leader of Agorism because Agorism is “Decentralized” (our premiere today) and “Non-Hierarchical” by definition. The ‘’Zero Aggression Principle” constitutes an ethical stance which ensures all social interactions settle in a just end. Greencross believes in Agorism as the next step in societal evolution.

More about Greencross

Greencross is a techno producers with releases on labels such as Advanced Records UK, Primate Recordings UK, Primevil UK, Driving Forces, Complexed, Slap Jaxx, Home Audio, Parallel 125, NB Records and more.

He is also the co-founder of Different Is Different Records with Elton D. Different Is Different Records is a digital label, releasing techno from artists including Ken Ishii, Hertz, Satoshi Fumi, Adam Jay, Tom Hades, Drumcomplex, Mattias Fridell, and many more!


01. Decentralized
02. Non-Hierarchical
03. Zero Aggression Principle

Greencross’ Agorism EP is out March 30th on Hidden Suites and available here

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