Premiere: Giovanni Carozza and Steve Mulder Collaborate for “Primate” EP On Intec Digital

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 23, 2019

Premiere: Giovanni Carozza and Steve Mulder Collaborate for “Primate” EP On Intec Digital

Carl Cox is an industry figurehead who’s legacy in music includes his iconic label Intec, which he runs with friend and business partner Jon Rundell, and the new release is the debut collaboration EP from Italian artist Giovanni Carozza, plus Dutch techno maestro Steve Mulder.

Steve Mulder is a veteran producer who has racked up an impressive back catalogue including Unrilis, 1605, Respekt, MB Elektronics, Bush, and Odd Recordings, along with previous solo EP’s on Intec.

Giovanni Carozza is an exciting young talent who still early in his career, has already featured on many high profile imprints such as Unity Records, OFF Recordings, Suara, Bitten, and Phobiq.

The pair had previously met via Giovanni Carozza’s release on Bitten where Steve Mulder contributed a remix, which proved to be popular with DJ’s and clubbers all around the world. With the blend of the two artists styles having proved so popular, it made perfect sense for them to further this notoriety by collaborating on some original tracks, and this EP is the fruits of their labour.

“Primate” opens the EP with its growling lead synth that gives it a monstrous sound full of ominous tension that adds to the track’s ferocity. Like a ravenous predator with a huge appetite, the menacing mood of this techno track is full of aggression, and has an intensity perfect for maximum impact when being played through a club sound system.

All about the urgency of the arpeggiated synth, “Avant Garde” has enthralling tension full of excitement. Its stabbing lead sound adds further magnitude to its fast and furious groove, solidified with the pounding of the kick drum. Crunching claps and vocal phrases are all a part of this captivating cut that closes off the two track release.


Primate EP from Giovanni Carozza and Steve Mulder is out Jan 25th on Intec and available HERE