Premiere: Fur Coat & Julian Wassermann Collaborate For Track on “Odd Echoes Vol. 4” V/A on Oddity

Fur Coat & Julian Wassermann
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 18, 2021

Premiere: Fur Coat & Julian Wassermann Collaborate For Track on “Odd Echoes Vol. 4” V/A on Oddity

Fur Coat’s Oddity label starts 2021 with a fresh edition of the acclaimed various artists Odd Echoes Vol.4, which includes today’s premiere of a collaboration track from Fur Coat and Julian Wassermann. This instalment showcases some artists that are already known to the label, as well as many new additions to the family.

Fur Coat’s commitment to their label over the last few years has seen the imprint amass a dedicated following and an ever growing list of respected and lauded releases. Utilising their Various Artists compilations, the duo have unearthed some extremely exciting talent in this world and given emerging artists a platform to exhibit their craft.

Diving into the package we are greeted with the melodic and emotional sounds that Oddity has their recognisable stamp. Its clear though that each artist involved has developed their own signature sound and presents something unique to the VA. The first half is formed of well crafted tracks which ease us into the sound. Tracks the build and develop over time and help to kick start out musical exploration.

In true Oddity style the second half of the package leans towards darker and more driving pieces. Casting the listeners mind to the dancefloors which the tracks were meant to be played on. It’s a VA formed of 21 original tracks mostly from first-timers on the label, that all together solidify the identity of the series and sound of Oddity.

Enjoy the exclusive premiere of Fur Coat and Julian Wassermann “Buried Lakes” on Odd Echoes Vol.4, out on Oddity on Jan 22nd.


Track Listing:
1. Fur Coat & Julian Wassermann – Buried Lakes
2. aacht – Verum
3. Zagitar & Massano – Rising
4. Raphael Mader – Different Path
5. 8Kays – Triangle
6. Betical – Colors of Noise
7. Esoteric Circle – Volcano
8. HeÎk – Corvus
9. Brian Cid – Lapses
10. Jody Barr – Pomgranate Skies
11. Avidus – Stella
12. Recode – Stand Together
13. Fat Cosmoe Feat MAË – Goner
14. Justrice – No Strings Attached
15. Moonwalk – Legend
16. Carlo Whale – Mar Nero
17. Illusory & Enai – Epica
18. Artche – Altered State
19. Hollt – Revere
20. Mooglie – The Last Dance
21. Black Peters – Falling

Odd Echoes Vol.4 is out on 22nd January 2021

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Connect with Julian Wassermann: Facebook | Beatport | SoundCloud