Premiere: From Chicago With Love 2022 EP – Vested Recordings

Vested Recordings 2022 EP
Author : Max Spruill
December 28, 2022

Premiere: From Chicago With Love 2022 EP – Vested Recordings

This 25th label release offers four wonderful and carefully-chosen selections of melodic electronic grooves, ranging from breakbeats to progressive house to melodic techno to house, produced by a handful of the Windy City’s finest.  Music has continued to prove to be the fabric keeping us united in the face of uncertainty, and we’re both happy and proud to showcase some truly top tier work from some of our chosen family here in our home city.  To all of you the world over, from us in Chicago – with love.

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First up – label newcomer and established Chicago artist Mattheo brings you “The City Speaks” – a deep and driving melodic progressive breakbeat composition that fuses lush and layered synthwork with a swaggered percussive construction.  This song’s ornate and delicate melodics are juxtaposed quite nicely against a rumbling low end groove.

Second – SinnerSaints returns to this year’s offering with “Dehumanizer” – a fantastic pumping yet melodically-haunting progressive house track.  This victoriously-vibing dance tune uplifts yet keeps you suspended in a lovely state of melancholy while low-end groove drives this with a skilled balance of grit and finesse.

“Intentions” is a stoic melodic tech statement of a song by returning label artist Crystos. Darkness and light are used in harmony here, painting this sonic landscape with big bold strokes and taking the listener on an insightful journey inward.  Designed to make you lose yourself on the dancefloor of your choosing.

And rounding out this release is a delectable slice of house titled “Right Here” by Matt Play – a newcomer to the label but a seasoned-veteran to both the music tech industry and the music scene in Chicago and beyond.  This melodically-rich piece of sun-soaked house music will warm the soul while the skillful vocal chops tantalize the ear – all while you instinctively reach for your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Premiere: From Chicago With Love 2022 EP – Vested Recordings

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