Premiere & FREE Download: Lars Huismann Makes His Vinyl Debut with Voxnox Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 10, 2019

Premiere & FREE Download: Lars Huismann Makes His Vinyl Debut with Voxnox Records

Berlin-born Lars Huismann makes his vinyl debut on Voxnox Records with his Frozen Minds EP, which is available on Hardwax.

After his last heavyweight releases on Animal Farm, RAW, Pls.Uk and Bipolar Disorder, he is bringing us another bomb in 12″ Vinyl format, from which we are premiering and offering a FREE Download of the digital bonus track “Momentum” which you can grab here.

Heavy percussions and industrial influences carry “Momentum” forward, a crescendo building and keeping the listener fixed as the track reaches its apex following peaks and valleys of intensity.

The first track “Frozen Minds” is an excursion deep into unknown spaces and makes you feel like you are on an expedition into the sea. The bassline is constantly shaking while supporting the cleverly designed main synths in the groove and drives the track forward ‘steadily’ to the peak.

“Delirium” is a trippy big room slammer, supported by a heavy rolling bassline, driving drums and a dark, intense atmosphere. The hypnotic synth line will devour you from the inside out and play with some brilliant effects.

“Mechanical Thoughts” sounds like a saw on a mechanical apparition. The meditative synth-line is constantly modulating and drives the track forward with an impressive energy. After the first drop, Lars starts to play again with his question and answer game. Two well-designed synths alternate in an hypnotic pattern and take the listener into a
mind-blowing trance.

“Autonomy Sacrificed” reveals Lars` melodic side. The track starts with a heavy slamming kick drum, supported by a smart bassline-pattern and percussion-body.

However, it gets more and more intensive, as the track proceeds. After a short time, the main melody brings up apocalyptic staccato-strings, which are set in an intriguing question and answer game.

Track Listing:

A1. Frozen Minds
A2. Delirium
B1. Mechanical Thoughts
B2. Autonomy Sacrificed

Artwork by Nicola Fuciili

 Lars Huismann’s Frozen Minds EP is out on Voxnox Records and available HERE